Creating a garage experience.

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The project:

Design end-to-end consumer experience


To allow garages to consistently provide great customer experiences which increases retention & customer satisfaction scores (CSS).

Our role:

Take design lead and introduce UX to the company.

What we did:

We defined UX goals and strategy. Audited and improved the current garage facing product, conducted user research, introduced design sprints, prototyped, tested and designed final UI.


Successfully launched the MVP, got over 2000 garages signing up globally, we saw an increase in customer satisfaction by 80%, we helped secure £4.5m in funding.

Four design sprints were conducted to explore and rapidly test to shape a new direction for CarLounge.

Design Sprints

We wanted to help the business understand existing painpoints and help design a new product strategy. So we introduced design sprints and helped facilitate and prototype and test the product.

(Top) Showing the proposed journey for vehicle Collection & Delivery. (Bottom) Current vehicle health check journey and problems faced by users.

Journey Mapping

Not only did it help us understand the existing problems it also helped us create a new journey which supported multiple scenarios and full end-to-end experience.

The wireframes of all the different scenarios that need to be represented by the booking confirmation card.


CarLounge has to support multiple journeys, so we wanted to make sure we weren't designing a new screen for each, instead we had one that supported many.

Prototypes were created for both CustomerVue & CarLounge

Prototyping & Usability testing

Both the legacy garage facing product and the new consumer facing product. Using Axure and Sketch. We introduced and helped run A/B testing to prove to the rest of the business that there was a much easier and better experience which combined SMS/Whatsapp with CarLounge.

UI Designs from the mobile CarLounge experience at all the touchpoints.

Final UI

Created a design system alongside designing end-to-end journey from first booking and vehicle health checks to rebooking.

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